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UPS & FedEX Shipping, Packing, Business (Notary, Fax, Copy) Services in Yreka, CA - Yreka Mailbox
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PC/Mac Repair & Recycle

Let us keep your computer running!

If your desktop or laptop computer is running slower than normal, or simply isn't meeting your current needs, then you may need a tune-up or diagnosis. The computer experts at Yreka Mailbox can quickly diagnose and repair or upgrade nearly any computer issue ranging from malware infections to defective hardware. The problem won't get better on its own - fix your computer now before it gets worse or your data and family photos are lost.

Yreka Mailbox strives to help the community in the area of technology. That is why we offer computer repair and refurbished equipment at such unbelievably low prices, in most cases below our own cost. You won't have to purchase an entire new system if refreshing the computer you have can extend its life, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Keep your old computer with its hazardous materials out of the dump. Help us help others in our community by passing on your outdated equipment to us for refurbishing and recycling back into our community.


Yreka Mailbox provides virus and spyware removal services to clean your computer of viruses, spyware, malware and other threats to your system, and restore the speed of your computer to how it was when you first purchased it. We will scan your entire computer and remove files/programs that are causing problems. Additionally, we will install important Operating System updates, and check for performance issues. We will test the computer for performance after completing all services.

After tuning-up your computer, Yreka Mailbox will analyze your existing hardware configuration of your computer to determine what kind of upgrade would benefit your computer.

Below is a list of some of the tasks we perform during a computer tune-up:

  • Check firewall and security settings
  • Patch common security holes
  • Update Operating System
  • Delete junk/invalid files such as cache logs, temporary files, etc
  • Delete orphaned, obsolete, or invalid registry entries
  • Boost windows speed, improve system performance and stability
  • Check performanace issues
  • Clear Browsing History and Document Access History
  • Scan/Remove viruses or other threats
  • Disable unnecessary startup/shutdown items
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Tweak Windows settings, Install Updates
  • Repair Registry & Disk issues, Clean & Defrag
  • Update Hardware Drivers
  • Clean computer of dust and debris that can cause overheating, malfunctions or in extreme instances fire.

REPAIR/UPGRADE (Includes Tune-Up)

Yreka Mailbox offers hardware installation services if you need help installing a piece of hardware in your computer. It doesn't matter if you need a new motherboard, or just a hard drive or DVD drive - we handle it all! In addition to installing the piece of hardware, we also install driver or firmware updates (if available and applicable). After installing the hardware into your computer, we will test your system to make sure everything is still functioning as it did prior to the installation. (* hardware not included)

  • Diagnose Problem
  • Identify and Order Parts or Software as needed
  • Install drivers and updates
  • Install replacement or new hardware
  • Test the new hardware
  • Clean computer of dust and debris that can cause overheating, malfunctions or in extreme instances fire.


Yreka Mailbox will scrub any personal data from your disk drives prior to recycling. File shredding meets DoD 5220.22-M standards. Any drives found to be unusable will also be physically destroyed.

Last Revised 10/4/2016