Siskiyou Daily News, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is time for spring cleaning, so we wanted to remind people that here at Yreka Mailbox we have the policy to recycle all packing materials. That means we recycle plastic and biodegradable packing materials. This list includes packing peanuts, Styrofoam blocks, and odd shapes, packing paper (brown) bubble wrap (all varieties), air packs (various sizes), Gel packs(to keep things cold), Shipping grade coolers, and that hard foam stuff.

We started this policy when we started the store. Being green is important to us, for many reasons. Unfortunately, we recently lost our way to recycle cardboard boxes, but you can still recycle them at the local recycling company on Ranch Lane. The advantages to being green/recycling include but are not limited to:

Less waste in our land fills, According to the American Chemistry council website, plastics are made of mostly domestic natural gas, and when recycling these plastics, the energy saved can be used for heating and cooling homes. In 2006 the United States saved enough energy to heat more than 2.1 million homes by recycling plastics alone.

The amount of waste we create because of our ever increasing population increases the amount of land fill space we need. But if we cut out as much recyclable materials as possible we reduce the space we need for this type of waste. Plastics are sitting in the land fill for much longer then most of the other types of products. According to Earth911 for every ton of recycled plastic, approximately 7.5 cubic yards of land fill is spared.

Conserving our oil is another good reason to recycle. Conservation might not be a popular idea, since it seems like everyone just keeps wanting more, more, more, but it is a good idea, never the less. If we can limit the need for some plastics we will see a considerable impact on the costs of other things we need, like gas for our cars, and heating fuel for our homes. The Earth Policy Institute claims that the annual production of plastic requires more then 17 million barrels of oil. As the American Chemistry Council points out, for every ton of plastic recycled, 3.8 barrels of oil are conserved.

And finally, but no less important, recycling brings jobs to both our city and our country with over 56,000 recycling companies employing approximately 1.1 million workers in the US. As environmental concerns take the forefront of all the issues, the recycling industry will have to increase and improve. It is important that we recycle and reuse as much as possible to support our economic well being, and the well being of the planet earth.

So help us recycle by bringing your old, but clean, Styro/biodegradable - peanuts, foam, air packs, bubble wrap, and brown paper, and we will recycle them for you, us, and the world.

We also recycle Inkjet cartridges, (to keep them out of the land fills) cell phones (for domestic violence program), and old working computers, keyboards, printers, etc., (to refurbish). They need to be working because we are just getting them as much up to speed as possible to make them usable. We offer complete systems for a nominal fee to members of our community. We hope they will make their way into the homes of kids to use for homework. If you want more information check out our web site so you can see all about it, and if you want to hear updated from us on a weekly basis like our facebook page, or catch up with us on twitter.